Our advanced Electronic Stabilisation Programme detects critical situations to stop skidding before it begins.

ESP predicts what your car is about to do. It uses sensors to monitor the progress of your wheels and the moment they start to slip, ESP takes over by:

  • Applying the brakes to one or more wheels
  • Reducing engine power if necessary

This fast, effective reaction stops skidding before it begins.

How it works?

ESP links to your car's electronic systems, such as the anti-lock brakes (ABS) and engine braking control (EBC). It has sensors on the wheels and steering wheel, plus a yaw movement sensor.

The ESP also uses the electronic differential lock (EDL) and traction control to help correct over steer, under steer and loss of stability. The result is the best possible traction when driving round bends.

ESP monitors your car at all times. As soon as something unusual happens - if a wheel loses grip, for example, or the car starts to slip, it helps regain control by applying the brakes to each or all of the wheels, and cutting engine power.

Trailer stabilisation

The latest generation of ESP also offers trailer stabilisation. If it detects your trailer is starting to yaw, the system automatically reduces engine power and applies the brakes to the right wheels dynamically, in phase with the yawing. This counteracts the snaking motion and stabilises the car and trailer. When everything is stable again the brakes and engine power return to normal control. The automatic braking process also turns on the brake lights to warn other drivers, even if the driver is not touching the brake pedal.

Only when used with factory fit or approved accessory tow bars.

Article source: www.volkswagen.co.uk