Manual transmission lets you take charge and use all the power of the engine for a positive response when you need it.

Our manual gearboxes are highly efficient and designed to add to your driving pleasure. Manual versions of our cars come with either 5 or 6-speed transmissions.

More gears mean less fuel

Our 5-speed gearbox is positive and easy to use, with the top gear reducing engine revs and therefore improving fuel economy at higher speeds.

Our 6-speed gearbox offers you smoother, quieter motorway driving with reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions, thanks to its extra sixth gear. And the closely matched gear ratios allow you to exploit all the power of the engine when you need it.

Lower revs at higher speed

The 5 and 6-speed manual transmissions, both with their closely matched ratios, are designed to minimise engine noise by reducing engine revs at higher speed. This has the added benefit of saving fuel. Our manual gearboxes are not just highly efficient, but are also easy to use with a positive shift action. Cable operation saves weight and results in short lever movement when changing gear.

6-speed versions feature a magnesium selector housing to save yet more weight, while a three-cone synchromesh on the three lower ratios helps make changing gear as smooth as possible. Low friction bearings further increase efficiency and cut fuel consumption.

Finally, our manual gearboxes are filled with lifetime oil and need no routine maintenance.

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